Business Card Design Tauranga

Opportunity often comes once, and therefore, you must be ready and prepared to make an impactful first impression with every chance presented to you. At DB IT, we help entrepreneurs in Tauranga effectively market their products and services with professionally designed business cards, ensuring they don’t miss out on networking opportunities.

With the right design and colour scheme, a business card can help you network and get your business contacts in the hands of prospective clients in a split second. While it may be an uphill task to get the attention of a busy potential client, a business card can help you bridge that barrier and guarantee you that elusive first appointment.


With its robust economy, Tauranga boasts of having numerous business events and engagements that every financier should capitalize on and identify marketing opportunities. As you attend business meetings, conferences, or social gatherings, ensure to carry your business cards as you never know when your next big break will emerge.

Due to its size and portability, a business card will guarantee that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to introduce your product to new prospective customers you come across. You can comfortably stash a few of them in your wallet or purse and dish them out whenever the opportunity arises.


A well-designed business card creates an image of professionalism, proper planning and credibility, giving you mileage with a new contact you are trying to entice. Also, with Tauranga’s growing population, you may lose touch with an old client, but then having your business card, they can retrieve it and call you whenever they need your services.

Investing in a business card is a cost-effective way of advertising your products. Therefore, research and select the best material, printed with a good quality printer, to produce impeccable looking cards.

It would be detrimental for your business if, during a social gathering, you bump into a client who shows interest in your brand, but since you are caught unaware, you resort to scribbling your contacts on a piece of paper. What if your precious client misplaces that piece of paper? You would probably end up losing a promising business opportunity.


The first impression you create for your business with a new client will be the big break that determines whether you land that contract or not. Always store your cards on a cardholder to keep them looking neat and presentable.

A professionally designed business card is an excellent place to launch your marketing strategy when finances are scarce, and you can hardly afford advertising. Creating an attractive business card, with an eye-catching layout and a well-thought-out design, is a modest way to launch your brand awareness campaign if you are on a tight budget.

While a business card remains an impactful way to increase visibility and launch a product into the market, not many take advantage of this invaluable resource. To better understand and leverage this cost-effective, practical and straightforward marketing strategy, consider contacting DB IT for a free consultation.

If you are a businessperson operating in Tauranga. and desire to have a business card that brings out your business’ identity, book an appointment, and we will help you strategise and come up with a design that best suits your brand.