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Don't Just Get A Logo

Invest In Your Brand

At DB IT, you are not simply buying a logo - you are investing in a creative process. We have a proven process for professional logo design in Hamilton. DB IT is driven by our talented team of designers who have experience in a variety of styles and have worked for many different industries.

Our team of logo designers have the expertise to create custom logo designs from scratch or from a sketch or design you have envisioned. Get in touch today to find out more about how DB IT can make the logo design process for your business easy and affordable.

Creating Your Brand

Professional logos are a core part of any marketing strategy to help customers understand the meaning behind your brand. On every logo design, we create we work closely with our clients to ensure we fully grasp their vision and produce a logo that shows the personality behind their business.


Logos are an important way to help your customers separate your business from your competition. We aim to deliver a range of styles to meet all of our client's design needs and budgets.

Big Logo.png

RECreating Your BranD

We also focus on the rebranding of businesses. If you have had a logo for many years, and would like to update your company image with the ever-changing business environment. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure you truly stand out from the crowd.


South City Pharmacy started with a purple logo as shown on the right with a purple S. This didn't really show what their business was about.

We redesigned their logo to incorporate a mortar and pestle and green leaves to show the health focus of the pharmacy.

Visual Branding That Stands Out - You Are Your Secret Weapon To Squash The Local Competition

For any marketing strategy and help, customers understand the meaning behind your brand, a logo designed by an experienced professional play a crucial role. At DB IT, our designers work abreast with every client to come up with a promising logo and to completely take hold of their unique needs and demonstrate the persona of their business by means of a logo.

Boost your Hamilton Business WIth DB IT

A good quality logo can notably help you to boost your business, and if your business is based in Hamilton, designing a logo could never get any easier. At DB IT, you can get a professionally designed logo without blowing your budget. No matter what industry your business is in, a will benefit from high quality and unique logo design.

Logo Design Process

Logo Process-02.png

When designing your logo, we begin with a basic sketch of an idea, in this case, the 4 Peaks which is the name of the business.

Logo Process-01.png

This logo design will then be refined.

The logo has now taken more shape turning the 4 Peaks into mountain peaks and adding the business name to the logo design.

One step further in the logo design adding snow to the logo, this business is based in the south island of NZ so this design symbolises the Southern Alps.

The logo design with a new font and colour as requested by the customer.

The client then decided they would prefer to use the 4 Peaks to symbolise the rooftops of houses because they are a construction company.